Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The topic of discussion; "The future is bright for CONTEMPORARY BRITISH BROADCASING."Reasons as to why British Broadcasting has a bright future:
Formats - Formats such as "Strictly Come Dancing", "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "The X Factor" are all UK based formats which have proved to be successful in other countries, exporting more than half the worlds TV formats.
"A TV Programme format is a license to produce and to broadcast a national version of a copyrighted foreign
TV programme and to use its name. Formats are a major part of the international television market.
Format purchasing is popular with broadcasters, due notably to:
the large cost savings associated with avoiding the risk of inventing something original;
the illusion for national audiences of watching a successful local production
the potential for the concept behind a certain TV show to be successful if tailored for a particular market."Extracted from Wikipedia
Digital Television - "A successful Britain must be a Digital Britain. The UK's digital economy accounts for around 8% of GDP. It has been one of the fastest growing successes of the past decade."
The average time an average British adult spends watching TV is more than three and a half hours per night, more than ever before. Reasons why the British Broadcasting doesn't have much to look foward to in the future:
Advertising (The ability to not watch them). The amount of money coming into television from advertising is on a downfall, plummetting by £100m in the past eight years. Digital technology now allows viewers to skip commercial breaks, and while advertisers switch to the internet, broadcasters are having to cut the fee they charge for airtime, "The cost of reaching 1,000 adults is now roughly £4.50. The average price eight or nine years ago was nearly £7."
Piracy problems. The proliferation of video-sharing websites means that viewers around the world are increasingly using their computers to download and view entire programmes illegally. This affects the television industry and their costs, not receiving any money as downloaders watch their programmes for free, threatening the industry as a whole.

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