Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Section 1:Family Viewing Policy, Offence to Good Taste and Decency, Portrayal of Violence and Respect for Human Dignity
Section 2:Privacy, fairness and gathering of information
Section 3:Impartiality
Section 4:Party Political and Parliamentary Broadcasting
Section 5:Terrorism, Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour, etc
Section 6:Charitable Appeals and Publicity for Charities
Section 7:Religion
Section 8:Commercial References in Programmes
Appendix 1:Extracts from the Broadcasting Act 1990
Appendix 2:Statement of Common Principles on the Portrayal of Violence on Television
Appendix 3:The Broadcasting Standards Commission
Appendix 4:Relevant Legislation
Dear Mr Rowe,
thank you for taking to time to express your view on the programme brass eye. i would also like to apologise for any offence and inconvenience caused to your and you family. i would also like to inform you that there was no intention to offend. yor complaint has been noted and has been forwarded to the producers of the programme. i woud also like to let you no that limited action can be taken because the programme did not break any of the ITC programme codes as it was shown after 10pm.

OFCOM management

Habib Jakkari
Chief managing director

Dear channel4/ofcom

i am writing to complain about your recent showing of brasseye in which i was very offended and shocked and belived it to be very close to the mark especially in the current climate. i think that the creation of humour from such a serious subject was disgusting.